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Thank you for your interest in the North West Young Peoples Development Trust

This website explains who we are, the kind of projects that we are seeking to support and how to apply to us for funding.

We understand that preparing Grant Applications is very time consuming and so we have been as explicit and transparent as we can in defining in what we do, and don’t, support and what we expect to see in an application for it to succeed.

Important announcement – if you would like to apply for funding please complete the Applications process.


The NWYPDT is an independent grant-making charitable trust. We fund a wide range of organisations working to support positive change in young people’s lives and in their communities across the North West.


We don’t have specific funding programmes designed to advance any particular agenda as we think that the groups we support are best placed to identify challenges and develop solutions.


We support work which meets the many different needs of young people under the age of 25 who face barriers to fulfilling their potential. We are keen to work with organisations and communities that have a real understanding of the challenges facing the young people they support, and a clear sense of the difference they seek to make through their work.


When we use the word community we don’t just mean your local area: your community can also be a ‘community of interest’ – a group of people with a particular shared need, experience or identity.

What kind of organisations do we support?

The NWYPDT wants to support smaller groups, embedded in their communities, who work directly with young people that are facing barriers to fulfilling their potential.


We expect to see a clear understanding of the difference the work will make and that it will encourage inclusion, integration and independence.


We have a particular interest in supporting work that enables young people to develop their social connections and relationships which make such an important contribution to the well-being and quality of life of individuals, and in turn strengthens communities.


We are very aware that many communities and organisations are experiencing huge pressures as funding continues to be reduced. This greatly impacts the opportunities for many young people who may rely on their communities and local organisations for opportunities to develop. We are keen to support organisations whose work has a long term benefit and will be able to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the young people they support.


Our trustees are also particularly interested in supporting smaller, under-resourced organisations: in our experience smaller organisations are particularly well-placed to deliver positive change because they know the young people in their communities and can be highly responsive to need, providing an individualised and holistic response to the people they support.


The best smaller-scale organisations also encourage participation and inclusion and contribute to the resilience of communities by offering opportunities for connection and engagement. If you are from a larger organisation we would wish to see how you would use our grant to meet the local need of young people.

What sort of grants can we make?

We provide grants for projects, activities and equipment. We do not specify a minimum or maximum amount that we will fund, however most grants will be between £1,000 and £15,000.


The duration of our grant giving to each community group or organisation supporting young people is variable and may run for one, two or three years. We are aware that funding over a longer period of time can embed deep rooted change and ensure that support for young people is based on need and not time bound.


Each request for a further grant after the agreed funding period will be reviewed. It is important to the NWYPDT that we can support as many young people as possible therefore we will balance our longer term funding with encouraging new funding.


GRANTS FROM £1,000 - £15,000

Who can we fund?

We can consider your application if:

  • you are seeking support for work that has a charitable purpose and
  • the application comes from an organisation which has both a constitution and a bank account. We can make grants to groups operating under a range of legal structures including registered charities, unincorporated associations, community interest companies and industrial and provident societies. We don’t make grants to individuals.

NWYPDT supports organisations who:

Drive change and make a difference to young people’s lives:

  • Encourage young people to develop positive social connections and relationships
  • Are embedded in their community and can identify and channel young people’s potential within that community
  • Have vision, energy and commitment and are reflective and open to change
  • Want to make a step change in the way they work, but need support to do this
  • Listen to and are responsive to their users and give users a voice
  • Offer longer-term engagement and support
  • Make good use of the resources they have


Address marginalisation:

  • Engage with young people who are facing barriers such as economic, educational, emotional, physical and social
  • Provide direct support to individuals who are in real need
  • Are rooted in overlooked and neglected areas where funding is hard to come by
  • Affect the lives of marginalised young people in a positive way


Make a difference:

  • Generate a ripple effect – a wider impact beyond the immediate beneficiaries of the work
  • Display new thinking or demonstrate best practice: offer an exemplar others can learn from
  • Are interested in reflecting on their work and are generous in sharing their findings with others

NWYPDT doesn’t fund:

  • Organisations or communities that do not operate in the North West
  • Individuals, or organisations applying on behalf of individuals
  • Larger charities (both national and local) enjoying widespread support (funding will be offered on a discretionary basis and based on a charities impact on a community)
  • Statutory bodies
  • Hospitals, health authorities or hospices
  • Medical care, medical equipment or medical research
  • Universities, colleges or schools
  • Academic research, scholarships or bursaries
  • Nurseries, playgroups or crèches
  • Uniformed youth groups (unless there is a strong welfare focus)
  • One-off holidays, residentials, trips, exhibitions (unless identified that young people will miss opportunity due to lack of funding)
  • Community transport schemes
  • Basic food bank provision (unless there is a wider holistic support)
  • Animal charities
  • The promotion of religion
  • Routine repairs and minor improvements to community buildings (community centres, church halls, village halls etc)
  • Landscaping or equipment for playgrounds, parks or recreation areas
  • Arts, culture and heritage (unless there is a strong welfare focus)
  • Sports and leisure (unless there is a strong welfare focus)
  • The restoration or conservation of buildings or habitats (unless there is a strong welfare focus)

Grant Applications

For full details on how to apply and what happens once you have applied, click below.

How to apply

If you would like to make an application please send us:


1. An introductory letter on your organisation’s letterhead. Use this letter to introduce your work, set your work in context or provide us with information that does not sit comfortably elsewhere.


2. A completed organisation details sheet. Download the NWYPDT Organisation Details Sheet here (Microsoft Word Document).


3. Your answers to these seven questions, on no more than three sides of A4. Please try to answer them individually, using the questions as headings for your responses:

  • Please tell us about the work you do.
  • What practical difference will our funding make to the young people you work with?
  • How much funding are you applying for?
  • Tell us something about the young people you work with and the challenges they are currently facing.
  • What other funding do you receive (one off grants or longer term funding)?
  • How do you ensure that the young people that you work with come to no harm?
  • How do you make sure that your financial resources are managed appropriately?


Your answers to these questions, and your introductory letter, help us to understand your organisation and how you work with young people.


4. A copy of your most recent annual accounts and annual report if you produce one. If your organisation is too new to have annual accounts please explain and evidence your current financial position. If you have accounts we do need to see them at this stage. Please don’t send any other supporting documents.


5. Confirmation by the Trustees / Senior Manager(s) of your organisation of the details of the bank account which you wish to have your grant paid into and a copy of a recent bank statement to confirm these details. Please note that grants can only be paid directly into an account in the name of the applying organisation and not into a personal bank account.


6. A copy of your safeguarding policy



Guidance on completing the organisation details sheet


Please answer all the questions – if anything doesn’t apply to you please write ‘NA’ (not applicable) in the space rather than leaving it blank.


Legal name/working name: we need to know your organisation’s legal name – the name which is set out in your governing document and which matches the name on your annual accounts and bank statements. If your organisation has a working name – a name you are more commonly known by – please tell us this as well.


Charity number: if you are a charity please give your charity number here (but we don’t need your company number or CIC number if you aren’t a charity). Remember that you don’t have to be a registered charity to receive funding from NWYPDT; we can also make grants to other organisations as long as the grant is used for charitable purposes.


Trustees: tell us here about the group of people governing your organisation. If you are not a charity please tell us about your board of directors, management committee, executive committee etc.


Free reserves: any unrestricted funds you hold (funding which is not committed or designated and not tied up in fixed assets such as a building or equipment).


New organisations with no accounts: you will not be able to complete the sections asking for figures from your latest annual accounts. Please send us a photocopy of a recent bank statement.


Signature of Chair, Vice Chair or Treasurer: the organisation details sheet must be signed by one of these people, even if it has been completed by a member of staff. A paid employee shouldn’t sign this sheet, even if they are also an officer of the management committee.



Requests for further information

We will aim to make the decision process as streamlined as possible but as we expect demand to be high we may need to request additional to help in the decision process and information to establish how best NWYPDT could support your organisation and its work. If required, such a second stage assessment process will usually involve a detailed telephone conversation, a presentation to trustees or sometimes a visit.

Click the button below to apply or email us at Don’t forget you will need to download and supply a completed NWYPDT Organisation Details Sheet – click here to download.

If you receive a grant

If your application is successful NWYPDT will formally write to you and advise you of the level of grant awarded and to reconfirm the Terms and Conditions attached to the grant (which are set out below).


The Trust will ask that you keep us informed as to how the project progresses and as a minimum provide an update after 12 months’ time to confirm how the grant has been utilised and what challenges have been overcome and successes achieved. We would be interested to hear of your ongoing achievements and events and would be grateful if you could share any photographs which you would consent to the Trust using for its own reporting purposes.


NWYPDT will also discuss with you the sharing of positive outcomes on social media.


If you require a copy of the Trust’s logo to use in your publicity please contact the the Trust’s Administrator.

Terms and Conditions attached to the award of Grants

Please note that the following terms and conditions are attached to grants and that by applying you acknowledge and agree to accept them. If your organisation does not comply with these requirements the Trust reserves the right to reclaim some or all of the grant monies it has awarded.


1. The grant may only be used by the organisation in whose name the application is made and cannot be passed to another party.


2. The grant may only be applied for the purpose(s) outlined in the original grant application as approved by the Trust. If you are unable to use the grant for the specific purpose for which it was intended please contact the Trust’s Administrator and wait to obtain formal approval from the Trust before proceeding to utilise the grant monies.


3. The Trust understands that projects sometimes change as the project progresses. If, after you have received the grant monies from the Trust, you envisage the timescales of your project changing, please contact the Trust’s Administrator as soon as possible with an explanation of the situation and any request to alter the terms of the grant made.


4. On completion of your project, any unspent portion of the grant monies must be returned to the Trust.


5. In the event that your organisation becomes insolvent, enters into administration receivership or liquidation or enters into any voluntary arrangement with its creditors, the Trust requires repayment of any unspent portion of the grant.

Feedback on unsuccessful applications

Every first-stage application we receive is carefully assessed by the trustees at NWYPDT. We are sorry, but due to the high number of applications we are not able to provide individual feedback on why we were not able to award a grant. In most cases there is nothing ‘wrong’ with an application we turn down. Sometimes we don’t take an application forward because other applications seem stronger in particular areas, such as their focus on marginalisation or the wider impact of the work being undertaken. Sometimes we have more ‘internal’ reasons for saying no, to do with maintaining a degree of balance in our grant making. For example we may feel that we are potentially funding too much of a certain type of work or that a disproportionate amount of funding is going to a particular part of the North West.

Click the button below to apply or email us at

Don’t forget you will need to download and supply a completed NWYPDT Organisation Details Sheet – click here to download.